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Puzzlehacker branching tree though launched almost 2 years ago, the interest in it is not waning. So I have decided to add a few more pages to it and take it a bit further.

I am also planning to expand the puzzlehacker family a bit, by adding new groups of puzzles. If anyone have ideas on new puzzles do leave a comment below.

To solve the original puzzle visit puzzlehacker


1.page 50,51,52,53


enjoy solving

” Intellectum Valde Ama”

Update 1:As many of the solvers have complained that the password levels are very hard,I have decided to give some links to next pages….

Update 2: Some of the pages have been changed….Because cunning fellows are jumping from 10th to 50,30 to 70  so on….I am equally cunning!!!

Update 3: Always keep your eyes open and see the source pages of puzzlehacker for tips on going forward

I have been thinking of giving tips to puzzlehacker on the  site itself

General instructions:

For a novice:

Q:      How to change address in the addressbar?

A:    if page 1 is http://www.puzzlehacker.com/1.html,to go to next page, type the answer in    the place of one and press enter.

ie if x is the ans, type http://www.puzzlehacker.com/x.html

Some steps everyone forget

1. Always try to remember the previous levels

2.Some difficult pages have links hidden in them find those

3.In some pages,clue maybe hidden in the source page

Right click mouse and click on view source to see the source page

4.Most of the time the answer maybe so simple that you may just dont consider it relevant

5.Try all types of combinations

eg:number to alphabet conversion

1234 maybe represented as abcd

6.Use google search to find answers

See puzzlehacker tips

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