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I was checking around for ways to republish blog posts I liked, and I stumbled upon this awesome post. I would be using this option from wordpress quite often from now on, so that I can post frequently without having to write a whole new post on the subject.Thank you WordPress!

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Some of the stories of tintumon  received via mail.


Tintumon ambalattil vazhipad counter Q vil..
Munnile uncle : shambhu, thiruvatira, paalppaayasam.
Tintumon: Hans, break dance, chickenbiriyani…!


Teacher:Tintumon,Where is your native place?
TintuMon: checkoslovakia.
Teacher:Tell me the spelling…
(kure neram alochichathinu sesham tintumon)
my native place is GOA..


Teacher:What is the formula of water?
Teacher:What is this?
Tintumon: This is Corporation Water!


Teacher: Namukku motta tharunna ethenkilum 4 jeevikalude peru parayu?
Tintumon jumped and said:
“Physics miss
English miss
Maths miss
Social miss!!”


Tintumon went to forest with his friend ,
pettenne oru puli munnil chaaady.!!
friend puliyude kannil mannu variyittu.
Friend: oodikko??
Tintumon: njan ethina odunne nee alle mannu vaary ittathu..!!!


Tintumon: ” Oduvil snehicha pennum enne chadichu da..”
Friend: “Enth patti”
Tintumon: “Veruthe vilichatha.. Irangi ponnu…”


Teacher: convert the following sentence to malayalam. ” I SAW A FILM YESTERDAY”
Tintumon: Teacher innale ‘A’ padam kandu.

Cheetha Koottukar

oru divasam achan tintumonodu: “da nee innale kudichu bodham illathe aanu vannathu..enthadaa ithu”..
tintu:”ellaam cheetha koottukettukal kaaranama achaa..!! aake 5 beer, 5 koottukaar.., athil 4 perum kudikkilla ennu vechaal pinne njan enthu cheyyanaa..!!!. “

Medical Shop

Tintumon in medical shop
Tintumon:- chetta! chumakulla oru marunnu tha.
Shopkeeper:- tonikkano?
Tintumon:- ‘Tony’kalla ente ammakkaa…

Achante Upadesham

Achan: Daivam thamburan Molinnu vilichal nammalellavarum ponam tintumone….
Tintumon: Daivam thamburan molinnu vilichal moli mathram poya pore acho…??

Eduthal Pongathathu

Cigarette valichukondu pokunna Tintumone kanda palliyilachan: “Eduthaal pongaathathaanalloda ninte chundathu?”
Tintumon: “Eduthaal pongaathathukonda acho.. valichukondu pokunne!!”

Tintumon In Classroom

Classil urangunna tintumonod
Teacher: uushmav alakkunna upakaranam etha?
Tintumon: Chatukam
Teacher: nhan entha chodichath?
Tintumon: uppumav ilakkunna upakaranamalle teacher….

Tintumon & Kallan

Tintumonte veettil kallan keri.
Ithu kanda Tintumon:
“Ente bagum bookum koodi kondu poda,
illenkil njan ellavareyum vilichunarthum”

Food & Accomodation

Teacher: Food ennal Bhakshanam. Accomodation ennal Thamasam. Enkil Food & Accomodation ennal enthanartham..??
Tintumon: Bhakshanam Thamasikkum… !!!


Achante munpil ninnu cigaratte valikunna tintumonodu achan.
“Enthada ithu ? Achante munpil ninnano cigarette valikunnathu ? ”
Tintumonte cool marupadi – “Achanalle … petrol pump onnum allallo ! “

PTA Meeting

Tintumon: Dad, there is a small PTA meeting at school tomorrow…..
Dad: Wat do u mean by a small PTA meeting ?
Tintumon: its… just u, me & the Principal !

Dr Tintu

Kaalu potti Hospitalil stich idan chenna tintu.Fees Ethrayakum?
Doctr: 1500 rs
Tintu: veruthe 2 stich itta mathi,embroidary work onnum venda.

Seems though I have migrated to my new blog, the readers haven’t

It is high time you visit my new blog, all the info here is also there, along with some new tricks and tips

Welcome to www.techmartini.com

I’ll be waiting there, with new ideas and tricks .

I need your comments ….Miss you all

Posted on: March 8, 2007


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