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Onlywire is a service which helps webmasters to post to multiple social bookmarking sites, automatically.I was searching for such an application, which would help to boost my backlinks and improve search rankings of my blog.

After registering to Onlywire add services to your publishing list by entering the username and password of each social media you want to post to.Download and install Onlywire desktop application. This application posts automatically to social media every 10 minutes.You can also install onlywire plugin to your wordpress blog to help your readers to spread your posts.

Many SEO websites are using Onlywire.The free version of Onlywire posts automatically to 40 social media,on one condition,you should be a member of all these websites.

Visit Onlywire to learn more

via Post automatically to multiple social media via Onlywire | Techpiper.com.


Save the words project is aimed at saving millions of english words which are nearing extinction. By adopting a word at this site, you can help prevent the word from getting extinct.

Save the words is a initiative of the Oxford English Dictionary.The website works on flash, it displays words in impregnated in a wall, so that you can select words with ease.You can also search to find a word.Once you find a word to your liking, you can pledge to use that word in common usage as often as you can.

“I hereby promise to use this word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the best of my ability.”

Visit save the words

Since I was not an active publisher in puzzlehacker for such a long time,much of my repeat visitors where gone. But still I get so much search traffic. I discovered a lot of sites while I was in this hibernation period. I lost so much data and visitors. I desperately needed some screen capture softwares to do my work at ease.

I had a great screen capture software some months back, which I lost as I did some formatting. So I decided to google and find out. What I got was Picnik photo editor. Since opportunities lie everywhere, I decided to give Picnik a try.

Picnik is an online photo editor.It uses flash, so it took a lot of time to load. But once the site was loaded, everything was working great.I could do what ever I liked, with a simple click. Picnik is a great tool for any web publisher, who works on free tools and likes to do a neat job.

With picnik you can edit photos in flikr,facebook,picasa,myspace,photobucket etc.Saving the edited photos and sharing them will complete your work.


Marconimalayalam.com is a malayalam internet radio service. I found about this service when I got a mail from one of my friends about this site. I like the appearance and the performance. Just like any fm radio marconimalayalam.com performs quite well.The radio will work in the background and music can be enjoyed whole throughout your work online.Enjoy free of cost


                            I have been searching for an online video editor for long…..At last I have  found one while surfing with my eyes wide open….I haven’t tried it though!!

EyeSpot is a new Web-based video editor. We don’t understand the video on its homepage, either, but overall it’s a very cool concept. Video editing software, especially for non-Mac users, is complicated and expensive. This week, EyeSpot is running a promotion: Re-mix the movie trailer (or “mash-up”, as the kids say) for Mark Wahlberg’s forthcoming Shooter, about an assassin or something. Lots of guns.                               From the REPORT ON CNNMONEY.COM ,it is good….Give it a try and Update me too….

Expecting comments


Source : cnnmoney.com


I would like to introduce some of the best sites I have ever come across….Some are related to business,technology and health some others related to men’s lifestyle,sports…..

Here we Go


www.askmen.com >>Excellent

Web 2.0 Applications

www.zoho.com >>excellent >>free


Photo sharing sites

www.flikr.com >>good


Friends and Networking

www.orkut.com >good


News and discussion

www.digg.com >> too good


www.youtube.com >good



www.ndtv.com >good


http://www.gmail.com >good

Mobilephone themes



www.wordpress.com >very good

http://www.blogcharm.com >> money from blogging

http://www.blogger. com >too slow now a days

Online investing game


Online share broking






www.limewire.com >>Excellent

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