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Firefox 4 is out with another beta, and this one has mostly bug fixes—more than 1,000 of them, actually. But Mozilla has simplified and improved the process for setting up syncing between desktop and mobile browsers.

Mozilla’s servers offer up downloads of Firefox 4 beta 8 (for Windows and Mac, and other languages/OS on the FTP server), but their home page for the beta, and “Check for updates,” hasn’t quite caught up (we’ll update the post when it does). In the meantime, grab the more stable version of Firefox 4 and tell us what you think in the comments.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 8 Fixes

via Firefox 4 Beta 8 Available for Download, Improves Syncing Setup.


I have been using Firefox from the time I began using internet. I love the way firefox works ,through addons and extensions. Though firefox can be a great utility for browsers and download freaks alike,it has some problems too,which can be fixed.

Firefox’s Problems

  • The main problem I have encountered with firefox is that when we add bookmarks day after day, firefox slows down and when bookmarks become unbearable to firefox it hangs and crashes.
  • I am an addon lover, every time I fins a new useful addon I add it to my firefox. Again the problem occur, firefox hangs and crashes. When the firefox is restarted, all the tabs and windows which were open at the time firefox crashed, tries to open again resulting in a further crash. Crash by crash becomes an avalanche, pulling all your valuable bookmarks and addons along with it. The only option which remains is uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it again.

Reasons for Firefox crash

  • Incompatible or Buggy Extensions
  • Buggy Plugins
  • Upgrading an Old 2.x Profile to 3.0
  • Compatibility Problems with XP
  • Video Card Drivers
  • Tablet PC Incompatibility

How can we fix these problems?

1.Run in Safe Mode

If Firefox no longer crashes while running in Safe Mode, then you know you have an issue with one of the following:

  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Settings
  • Profile

2.Create a New Profile (if Safe Mode Fixes Your Issue)

3.Disable Unnecessary Plugins

4.Disable Unnecessary Extensions

5.Clear Out the Caches

6.XP Users: Run Firefox in Compatibility Mode

7.Do NOT Use the Tablet PC Input Panel (or OnScreen Keyboard)

If none of these works, Backup bookmarks and saved passwords with MozBackup utility and completely uninstall firefox.Reinstall firefox.

For complete step by step method of debugging firefox visit Howtogeek

To learn more about issues with firefox, visit Mozillazine

To learn about Mozilla bus, visit Bugzilla

Puzzlehacker is the name of the website published by me.Puzzlehacker.com is a puzzle website intended to stimulate the thinking capacity of men and women alike. This blog was started as a platform to deliver updates of puzzlehacker. In my college days when orkut and many other sites were censored by the college authorities, I used puzzlehacker as a means to help students access blocked websites easily through proxy sites like Kproxy.In fact the first proxy site I used was Cooltunnel.But cooltunnel too was blocked by our college internet lab administrator. Kproxy came as the next option and as I began publishing these info throgh this blog, the readership also started going up. I now publish mainly circumventor proxies, and since  have graduated proxy hunting has stopped,but I try to get new proxies for my users.

I visited many blogs like problogger in an attempt to increase webtraffic,these sites have helped me a lot. I have never experimented with using keywords, because most of the time when we go looking after the keywords, the content gets marginalised. So I just post what I feel and when I feel like posting.

Increase webtraffic tips

1. Post regularly

Posting regularly to the blog is the most important tip anyone can give. Posting frequency is the one and the most important factor in bringing you repeat visitors.I used to post regularly in my college days, but when I got entangled in the studies, my readership began to dwindle. But now I have started posting again, and my readership is steadily increasing.

2.Content is King as always

Know what your reader is looking for. My users are mostly looking for proxy and bypassing censorship tips and some technical hacks which help to reduce the workload. I post what I find out from other websites and blogs. Since these tips have helped me a lot, I am sure they will help a lot of my friends too. So I am always happy to provide great information I have procured from the sites I surf.

3.Comment on other related blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to increase readers. I used to comment in a mechanical way just to increase my readership. Some of these sites I visited regularly, some others just for the sake of commenting. Whichever way, commenting is always good for you. Be a good friend and traffic will flow to you.

4.Post in social networking sites

Four social networking sites have worked best for me,they are Orkut, Stumble upon, Facebook and Twitter. Though I have tried Digg, since  people in my part of the world are not regular diggers, I lost intrest in digging.Orkut has helped me greatly in establishing a successful web career.Try these and you will be happy having done so.

5.Create mailing list and keep contact with readers

Though I have not tried this , I a sure creating a mailing list would be a great idea. Because when people forget us, a great way to make them remember our blog is through a mail in their inbox. Be sure not to spam them.

Though I have a lot more tips to discuss, I am tired typing in. Check back again to find new tips and leave a comment below if you loved reading this post.

Group A – South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B – Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece
Group C – England, United States, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D – Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia
Group E – Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark
Group F – Italy (holders), New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
Group G – Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal
Group H – Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

I got Picnik photo editor while searching for Faststone screencapture software. Both these utilities are very useful for a blog publisher. Both Picnik and Faststone are free for use.

Faststone is a screen capture software with ease of use, short cut keys, output in desirable format ie BMP,JPEG,TIFF,GIF,PCX,PNG,TGA and PDF formats.

FEATURES as described by Publisher
# A small handy Capture Panel that provides quick access to its capture tools and output options
# Global hotkeys to activate screen capturing instantly
# Capture windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and scrolling windows/web pages
# Capture multiple windows and objects including multi-level menus
# Options to specify output destination (internal editor, clipboard, file, printer …)
# Draw annotation objects such as texts, arrowed lines, highlights, watermarks, rectangles and circles
# Apply effects such as drop-shadow, frame, torn-edge and fade-edge
# Add image caption
# Resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brighten, adjust colors …
# Undo/Redo
# Support external editors
# Save in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats
# Send captured images by email
# Send captured images to Word and PowerPoint documents
# Send captured images to a Web (FTP) server
# Record screen activities and sound into video files
# Screen Color Picker
# Screen Magnifier
# Screen Ruler
# Support multiple monitors
# Run when Windows starts (optional)
# Minimize to System Tray area
#Small footprint in memory

I have started using Faststone, I am satisfied with the results, but the trial period finishes in 1 month.Enjoy this free software.


Since I was not an active publisher in puzzlehacker for such a long time,much of my repeat visitors where gone. But still I get so much search traffic. I discovered a lot of sites while I was in this hibernation period. I lost so much data and visitors. I desperately needed some screen capture softwares to do my work at ease.

I had a great screen capture software some months back, which I lost as I did some formatting. So I decided to google and find out. What I got was Picnik photo editor. Since opportunities lie everywhere, I decided to give Picnik a try.

Picnik is an online photo editor.It uses flash, so it took a lot of time to load. But once the site was loaded, everything was working great.I could do what ever I liked, with a simple click. Picnik is a great tool for any web publisher, who works on free tools and likes to do a neat job.

With picnik you can edit photos in flikr,facebook,picasa,myspace,photobucket etc.Saving the edited photos and sharing them will complete your work.


Now a days the situation is that, blind men can lead others those who are blind and those who are not at all blind. These people who are blind followers have chosen their fate for misery.They are given their own chances to find out their way, to follow the right path. If people had used their brains instead of hearts to chose a leader, this world would have been a much better place to live in. Of course leaders live in splendour, from the wealth and power gained from their followers. These blind followers are the wealth of every leader. They exploit us, gain from us and when we have nothing to give them they thow us out like waste paper.

Read more here:drjobinmartin.com

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