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Which of these firefox shortcuts do you use most? I use ctrl+enter and ctrl+n most often, even though I knew quite a few others I didnt quite use it. CTRL+TAB will prove to be useful to me to shift through the jungle of tabs I open in the same window!

CTRL+T -new tab

CRTL+N -New Window

F5 -refresh

CTRL+ L- Cursor to addressbar

CTRL+K     -Cursor to searchbox

CTRL+W – close tab

CTRL+SHIFT+T- Undo close last close tab

CTRL+ +/-  -Increase or decrease font size

CTRL+F -Find on page

CTRL+ENTER – Adds www. com

CTRL + Shift + Enter – adds http://www.org

SHIFT+ENTER – http://www.net

CTRL+TAB – Shifts from tab to tab

CTRL+D -To bookmark a page



You waste a lot of time looking for the tiny X square at the top right hand corner of your screen each time you want to close a window. The fastest way to close a window is to press Control then W with two fingers of your left hand.


To try this open a new window first with Control N then close it with Control W. You’ll see how fast (and easy) it is.


Instead of typing the full URL address eg. http://www.yahoo.com you only have to type yahoo then press the Control key (keep pressing) and strike the Enter key before letting go of both. Cool, isn’t it? (Unfortunately this only works in Internet Explorer not in Netscape.) Do the same for Google. Don’t waste your time typing http://www…….com   Go ahead, try it now!
Note: In case it doesn’t work do this:
Go the the menu bar of Internet Explorer, click on Tools – Internet Options – Content – Autocomplete then put a tick on “Web address”. Close IE and when you start IE again it should work.


If you wish to maximize screen space for the Internet page you are reading, all you have to do is to press the F11 button. This is a toggle button, that is, by pressing F11 again you will go back to its original state.


f you are searching for a particular word or name in an Internet page (probably you were sent there by a search engine) but don’t know where the key word is in the page, just press the Control button followed by the F button (for Find). You will then be able to type the word in the box. Click on Next and if the word is there it will be highlighted.

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