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Puzzlehacker branching tree though launched almost 2 years ago, the interest in it is not waning. So I have decided to add a few more pages to it and take it a bit further.

I am also planning to expand the puzzlehacker family a bit, by adding new groups of puzzles. If anyone have ideas on new puzzles do leave a comment below.

To solve the original puzzle visit puzzlehacker


Hi guys

                     It has been a long hibernation. Was a bit busy, so couldn’t post at puzzlehacker for a long time. Just as I shifted from here to techmartini, posts have grown minimal. Now planning to start posting at puzzlehacker since this blog has a far more visitors eventhough I had posted not even 1 post in over 6 months. It has made me rethink, and hence I am back to continue my work on this blog.

                    Meanwhile my new blog techmartini.com and drjobinmartin.com has started getting decent number of visitors.My work on this blog has remained unfinished over a long time. So starting over again, hoping to get a good reader feedback.


My other sites are

puzzlehacker.com and distortedriddle.com whcih are puzzle sites. Puzzlehacker.com was a great success. Due to time constraints I had to stop working on this websites altogether. So I plan to restart them too.Hoping your full support on this venture and starting off in a great mood.

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It is a bright sunny day!

My dream has been realized , want to know how?

I started a new blog regarding diseases, treatment, newest modalities in medicine etc. etc.You may be wondering why anyone would bother to read a blog which is full of medical subjects!


I have started scribbling poems! So this has been a great year for me, in every sense. And I am trying to make diseases appear interesting by representing them in the form of poems, so that my readers may find it more interesting. I have written two posts in this manner and I am happy with the outcome. Be there and leave a comment to start it off….




A new puzzle has been developed based on a brand new concept.An online riddle, which progresses like branches of a tree…. Solve it to get a new feel….

Any branch can lead you to the final answer….A result of intense research on building new puzzle platform that is different but conceptually sound.


See the vertical banner on the left  to know more

Hai friends

I have been missing you all…I was busy setting up a paid blog wirh wordpress and failed to post on my time tested blog….Now I have realised that, I can never get the readership that I got here on my new site TECHMARTINI. So I have come back to get you all…

I will be posting it here too. I want readers. Thrill of blogging lies in readers, right

Hi guys

It has been a long time since I posted something here… Thanks for the awesome traffic you are providing me…Often I am busy with my self hosted wordpress site that, I don’t get enough time to reply to comments on this site…But the kings share of visitors flock to this site..

Most of the visitors come here searching for ways to open orkut… As one of the users commented some of the moderators also maybe viewing the tips and making enough modifications to make things difficult….But no other way exists…

I have made a decision to make posts secret…So that it can be used by select users and not by moderators…New tips will be mentioned in my new blog and posts will be protected with passwords so that only users can view it…

I have got some new proxy sites which are just emerging out…

Visit :www.techmartini.com 


While using a proxy remember these facts

  • Don’t use the ID’s which have important data in it
  • Make some Email ID’s for proxy specific use
  •  Disable cookies
  • Don’t save passwords

This blog is shifted to


See you guysssssssss

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