Newest proxies-unblock orkut

Posted on: January 26, 2008

Hi friends, since I am getting a lot of comments on how to unblock or to bypass orkut restrictions, I have been on the look out for new proxies.Bennet at circumventor has a great list of proxy sites. I had subscribed to his newsletter  and got these proxies. I have not tried them out, since Orkut is no longer blocked in my college.

You can reply to comments using these proxies by using reply option.

Please send in your valuable comments.

Use http / https




















See my updated blog at



23 Responses to "Newest proxies-unblock orkut"

use this site to open the orkut

help!! i have`tried all of the above and none are working!!

FEW OF THEM R WORKING…BT only fr the purpose of opening… bt its not aloowing to write, reply to scraps and see other embedded links therein (probably javascript ones i guess). same is the case with rapidshare.. site opening..bt nt allowing downloading… pls help !!!


can find some way to send a scrap from orkut when there are restrictions placed on the computer

with regards

this site is restricted(orkut)in my institute,how can i access it?and i also not able to make proxy,plz give me a way to access this site.its urgent.

i want to open orkut

Same is the case with me..i can only access my account but can’t write scraps…is there any soln on this?

Ajay (India-Mumbai)


I m able to open orkut by entering images.orkut.com but not able to scrap any one please help



please help me to open orkut in my office


Orkut is becoming more popular day by day. It’s having all that a social network need to make it big. Gradually it’s adding add ons, making navigation more user friendly, easy on eye look and a loads of other features.

Now people can also post HTML scraps, i.e graphics, music scraps in their friends profiles. Recently it started a theme feature, which gives users a space to go for their choices.

many coders have developed some scripts/codes that can be used to increase your scrap count in minutes. So, it’s becoming more popular now-a-days.

Orkut also allow proxies to log on. Many schools and offices blocked Orkut. So, using Orkut proxies, u can get using Orkut.

Lastly, in comparasion to other social netwoks like, Facebook, Hi5, Tagged, Orkut is doing far better. may be because this is a Google product. But look at it’s alexa rank. It’s becoming popular day by day and it will also grow like this.

just my 2 cents 😉

how can i open blocked orkut

a good proxy that waorks for me is
I’m at school and we use fortiguard blocking filter
I don’t know what the hell orkut is but it lets me do everything on myspace including comments and bulletins

i have tried all of the above but none is working.
i want to open orkut, plz tell me how can i?

how can hack orkut idea

plz help ! i have tried all of the above.but not working

use power.com

hi frnds.. http://www.power.com website is working.. thanks cradle…..

fortiguard at marine city high school blocks every fucking thingg!
help mee!
i need to go on myspacee!
im so fkkn bored!

Didn’t you try the latest circumventor proxies.Some of them may work

i’m so glad that i found this website. that article was so cool. thanks again i saved this site.
are you going to write similar news?

Really great article! Really..

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