Google translate opens orkut.

Posted on: April 4, 2007

Google translate can be used to open blocked orkut.

We can use Google Translator or Google LanguageTools to access restricted sites.

Here’s what you need to do.

Visit Google Translator and there you see under Translate 2 types of translations are mentioned in or.
1.text translator which u ignore just after or there is a website translator. Just write the website name(obviously the blocked site you want to visit) at the text box just bellow the text ” Translate a web page:“. In the language selector box select “French to English” or any language to english or English to English if you still want the site to be in english and then click on translate. Now the intended page in english will appear as if inside google translator not the actual webpage so now we indirectly accesed blocked site as this translator site which is unblocked acts as a proxy. Trick here is that the site intended is in english but we need to translate it to english b’coz we need the translator site act as proxy so we used French 2 English in that translator.

The output link was like http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http:/puzzlehacker.wordpress.com&langpair=fr|en which was from french to english as indicated by “langpair=fr|en” and the site mentioned after “u=” in the o/p link is the site intended which is http:/puzzlehacker.wordpress.com here. If we do from english to english we’ve to write “langpair=en|en” and if we intend to view blocked site orkut.com then u=http://orkut.com resulting in total link

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://orkut.com&langpair=en|en which can be used directly without visiting the translator sites. Due to this google translator is some times said as Google Proxy.

Other translator sites such as Babel Fish Translation Free translation Language Translation can be used to translate from english to english or from other language to english.



15 Responses to "Google translate opens orkut."

the technique u mentioned above doesn’t always work, as orkut word is searched throughout the url in our college….
so search for a better technique please…

bullshit its not atall working…..

yes it did not work at all

bullshit it doesn’t work atall

it did not work at all

just a waste of time
nothing else
I did try it as well
it aint working !

use this URL 🙂 for surfing on ourkut its definitely wok

i missing lot of friends

It is not working, but using proxies do make Orkut work.

donot works on vista paltform

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this s abull shit does not work at all
time………… wast at all

Hi Manish. Try using proxies instead. I tried these at first, and sometime it works for you. If it doesn’t work just try a new method. There are always possibilities, so be patient.

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